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Low Cost Shipping Containers in Lincoln, NE is the best place to rent or buy new and used shipping containers in Lincoln. Whether you want to rent a storage container in Lincoln for a couple of months at a construction site or you want to buy a used one trip high cube container in Lincoln, makes it easy. Customers know that when they get a storage container in Lincoln they will be getting a low cost, high quality unit every time. We take quality control and customer satisfaction very seriously, which is why we listed to customer feedback and only work with the best intermodal shipping container depots near Lincoln.

How We Help Customers Buy and Rent Storage Containers in Lincoln is focused on one main goal, make it easy to rent and buy shipping containers in Lincoln, NE. We know customers hate haggling to get the lowest price, calling tons of local container depots to find out what containers they have available for sale in their inventory and putting in hours of research and legwork. We've streamlined the process and made it very simple to buy a shipping container in Lincoln, here's all you need to do to get started:

  • Choose Between Rental, Lease or Purchase - if you only need portable storage for less than two years, then renting is the smart choice. For longer durations leasing (rent to own) or buying a container will usually be the better option.
  • Choose Container Size - choose between 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft containers.
  • Choose Condition (if purchase) - do you want to buy a new shipping container in Lincoln or would you rather save some money and purchase a used cargo container? There's many different grades and conditions of containers which you will see below, but for most portable storage needs you are probably looking for a WWT container which is inspected to be completely wind and water tight.
  • Connect With Container Dealers - after you complete the quick price quote request you will be matched to the best Lincoln shipping container dealers. You can choose the best price on the perfect container for your needs.
  • Get Your Container Delivered - if you find what you are looking for then you can schedule delivery to your commercial or residential site.

There's no obligation to purchase anything and it's completely free to use. Customers who buy a steel shipping container in Lincoln

Lincoln Steel Storage Container Types

There are tons of different types of dry box containers in Lincoln to choose from, here are a few of the most common types:

  • Standard Containers - 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft, 48 ft, 54 ft
  • High Cube Shipping Containers - 9 ft 6 in tall, which is 1 foot taller than standard units.
  • Double Door Containers
  • Open Side / Side Door Containers
  • Open Top Containers
  • Refrigerated Containers / Reefers - for climate controlled storage of perishable goods.

Shipping Container Conditions and Grades

All steel storage container rentals in Lincoln are inspected to be at least wind and water tight. Shipping containers for sale in Lincoln can be sold in a variety of different conditions, including:

Grade A / One-Trip / New Shipping Container

new shipping containers for sale in Lincoln, one trip shipping containers for sale in Lincoln, buy a new shipping container in Lincoln

Grade B / CW / Cargo Worthy Shipping Container

cargo worthy shipping container for sale in Lincoln, buy cargo worthy conex shipping containers in Lincoln

Grade C / Used As Is Steel Shipping Container

used shipping container in Lincoln, used shipping container for sale in Lincoln, buy used shipping containers in Lincoln

Used shipping containers can be refurbished or reconditioned to make them as good as new.

Lincoln Shipping Container Dimensions

Cargo Storage Container Delivery in Lincoln - What You Need to Know

Lincoln steel storage container rentals are usually delivered within 3-5 days. If you need to rent a storage container in Lincoln it's a good idea to call a few weeks ahead of time to make sure inventory and scheduling works out. It's important to consider where you are planning on storing the container. You need to have firm surface such as asphalt, dirt, grass or gravel. You also need to make sure that the delivery truck has enough clearance to drop the container onto the ground. It's usually not necessary to be on site when the container is delivered, but it's recommended. If you can't be there make sure there are no locked gates, and if you have a preference, give detailed instructions for where you want the container.

Steel Shipping Container vs PODS (Portable On Demand Storage)

We make it easy to buy and rent steel storage containers in Lincoln, while PODS is focused on portable storage and moving. Our units are built with high strength steel and come with secure lock boxes and are wind and water tight. They are often referred to as sea cans, ISO containers or conex boxes as they are typically hauling freight and cargo on large container ships. You will commonly see them at construction sites, schools, hotels, farms, and a variety of residential and commercial applications around Lincoln. PODS units are smaller, lighter and are designed to be stored in a warehouse or shipped to another location after you fill it up.

10 Ft Shipping Container

10 Ft L x 8 Ft W x 8.5 Ft H

20 Ft Shipping Container

10 Ft L x 8 Ft W x 8.5 Ft H

40 Ft Shipping Container

10 Ft L x 8 Ft W x 8.5 Ft H

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